Land of Tomorrow Presents: Two New Exhibitions

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Self-portriat by artist Benjamin Grosser

Land of Tomorrow is pleased to present two new exhibitions, Seen by Systems by Benjamin Grosser and Transmodrification by Nathaniel Hendrickson. The opening reception will be held at the gallery’s Lexington location on Friday, December 14th at 6pm, and the show will run through the 4th of January.  The opening will be followed by performances from Louisville’s Trotter/Riles, and Lexington’s Fleece.

For this exhibition Champaign, Illinois artist Benjamin Grosser will be presenting Seen by Systems, consisting of two interactive works, Speed of Reality and Variable Mirror.

Speed of Reality uses a living room environment to explore the increasingly relied upon pace cuts of reality television and the effect they have on the viewer. The main issue that this interactive installation explores is the possibility of “reality” media is altering non-mediated reality.

Variable Mirror is designed to run continuously in an exhibition space. Viewers approach the work and see themselves in the screen, but the sizes of the pixels making up their screen mirror are dynamically changing. Variable Mirror stems from Grosser’s interest in how the construction of digital images alters our perceptions of reality.

Nathaniel Hendrickson’s Transmodrification deals with the human desire to understand and master the elements of the world, evolutionary cycles rendering previously revered models of order and complexity obsolete, and the growing expectation in science to solve the problems of existence. Transmodrification is the second installment of an ongoing series dealing with the deconstruction and reiteration of the events that shape and govern the underlying structures of our era.

Trotter/Riles is the duo of Tyler Trotter and Zak Riles. Both have been active within the Louisville music scene, and in the greater world, as musicians, promoters, sound engineers, and enthusiasts. Riles is best known as a member of the Temporary Residence Ltd. band Grails, while Trotter has performed with the Phantom Family Halo, and was the longtime sound man for the California Guitar Trio. This show marks their first-ever Lexington performance, and fourth show total, coming after their debut with Maserati at Zanzabar and with OM and Daniel Higgs in Bloomington, Indiana.

Fleece is Lexington, KY’s Electronic/Beat maker, Graham Tucker.  Fleece started with simple loops of Tucker’s guitar and has progressed into the electronic world of beats. Instead of following the commonplace quantized standard sounding beats, Fleece focuses more on the current Los Angeles styled, left-field approach which highlights on feel, groove and emotion. He also has a passion for ambiance and sound design, which lead to evolving songs with mixtures of elements from jazz, R&B, and dance.

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About Land of Tomorrow (LOT): Land of Tomorrow (LOT) Gallery is a project space created to facilitate the making and showing of experimental work in the fields of art, design, and music in Kentucky. LOT operates galleries in both Lexington and Louisville, supported by a core group of amazing and talented individuals. Through exhibitions, performances, artist talks, work documentation, and other activities, LOT fosters an open dialogue with the regional and international creative communities.

Land of Tomorrow Presents: Two New Exhibitions
December 14, 2012 6:00 pm
December 14, 2012 11:00 pm
Free/$3 after 8
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Self-portriat by artist Benjamin Grosser
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