Lexington Beerworks plans expansion, adding food service

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Robbie Clark

lexington beerworks

(from left) Lexington Beerworks owners Jason Wolf, Greg Leimer and Michael Vincent.

After opening in early 2012, the owners of Lexington Beerworks are planning on expanding the services the craft and specialty beer bar offers, including adding food service.

Along with being a bar, Lexington Beerworks, located on North Limestone, is a retail location for a variety of home brewing equipment.

The owners, Michael Vincent, Greg Leimer and Jason Wolf, signed the lease on the space above their bar earlier in July when it became available. The unit is broken into a number of rooms, which they plan on utilizing for a number of different purposes, such as creating a space for private parties and installing a commercial kitchen.

“I think the No. 1 thing we’ve found since we’ve opened is the need for food,” Vincent said.

The owners said the menu will be small but will consist of a number of high-quality food items, such as artisan pizzas. Vincent said a small menu will enable the chef to change up the offerings often, and will allow them to provide special food and beer pairings.

“We’ve always had this plan in the past, and we’re at the point right now where we think we’ve got the craft beer at the bar and the home brew side down pat,” he said. “We think we can take it to the next level and be a spot for dinner.”

Though the kitchen will be located upstairs, patrons will still order the food downstairs in the main bar area. Vincent said they hope to have the kitchen and private room installed by September.

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