Gallery Hop Adds Music to Venues

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Celeste Lewis

Lexington, KY - Gallery Hop, a tour around Lexington’s art galleries, open studios and many supporting art venues has added live music to the mix.

The Lexington Area Music Alliance (LAMA), an organization created to encourage and support the production and performance of local music, joins LexArts in kicking off Gallery Hop 2013 with the addition of local musicians at three selected venues. “By adding live music to the Gallery Hop experience LexArts is recognizing the creativity and art of Lexington’s music community. This will give musicians new opportunities to be heard and art patrons new opportunities to encounter authentic local music,” said Tom Martin, LAMA president.

This year also introduces Chevy Chase as an addition to Gallery Hop in an expansion of the range for art and music lovers to enjoy growing to over 50 Hop stops. Long time Chevy Chase favorite, New Editions Gallery on Euclid and new co-op gallery, The Collective on South Ashland along with the Morris Bookshop and Worlds Apart, both on High Street join Gallery Hop this year.

The excitement over the musical artists joining the visual artists for this season is spreading throughout Lexington. “Live music adds a great dimension to the Gallery Hop experience while calling attention to the city’s growing music scene. Special thanks goes to LexTran for accommodating live music on a trolley that connects the downtown and Chevy Chase galleries new to Gallery Hop this year. The collaborative spirit between LexArts and LAMA and among all the participants is an exciting sign for our city,” adds Martin.

The live music of Gallery Hop is generously sponsored by McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland.

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